What is
The Capybara Architecture?

We are a small business that started with the new needs post-pandemic, aiming for clients to visit places and travel differently. Therefore we got deep into Virtual Reality. We help our clients to show the listings in the best, faster and most modern way possible.

We want to give your clients the experience of seeing something that is not there yet, to get excited and involved in a project that might not be done right now. 

Is good to clarify that we are not a Real State agency; we are a Virtual Design Studio that will give you the tools to engage your clients with your listing so then you have a bigger chance to close the deal. 

We call ourselves capybaras because, as this massive friendly rodent that can bond with any animal from the kingdom, we believe in having the same relationship with our clients; it doesn't matter if you consider yourself a shark or a golden retriever, we will be able to adapt and work with you.

Our Services:

  • Interior Design Render Setups

  • Interior 3D Walking Tours

  • Landscaping Renderings

  • Abstract Renders

  • Floor Plans Recreation

  • Branded and Conceptual Spaces themes

Welcome to my page, I am an Architectural Designer, and I love to travel, sport, fine arts and Eurovision. My Architectural background is in Commercial and Residential design, being evolved in the design of Breweries, high-end residential buildings and sports facilities, currently I am a Designer for Science and Tech facilities.