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Sports Museum of Boston


Boston Architectural College


Fenway, MA.



CLT building fenway
CLT sport soccer futbol court

The Sports Museum is designed to host a multi-sport program for each season, with open fields for locals and tourists to practice and experience popular and uncommon sports activities, making the sports an experience of practices and display exhibitions. The Museum consist of a linear display of seasonal art installations depending on the local program for each season. The Museum counts four levels of combinations of sports practices and spectators spaces, creating spaces for human interaction, community, and physical engagement activities with a vision of social media empowerment to involve the local youth with the Museum.

The Museum has a CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) Structure to minimize the environmental impact. Three courts are distributed on different levels, with the technology to exchange the floor from cork, fibre, or laminated wood and host various sports programs to be executed-displayed on top.

CLT sports museum board architecture presentation.png
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