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La Osadia Brewery

Commercial Design

San Salvador, El Salvador

After the COVID-19 pandemic began to settle down and more commerce started to get back to work in El Salvador, a small brewery "Santo Coraje" requested my services to design their first restaurant and beer garden in the city of San Salvador. The main goal of the concept is to make the clients feel embraced by natural materials in the chaos of the city.


The design is based on an earth colour pallet, starting with wooden and clay materials to bring nature into the design. The selection of materials is based on vernacular architecture, choosing local production materials, tiles, trees, and paintings.

Sports Museum of Boston

Mixed Structure CLT and Steel

Fenway, Boston, MA.

Designed to host a multi-sport program for each season, with open fields for locals and tourists to practice and experience popular and uncommon sports activities, making the sports an experience of practices and display exhibitions. The Museum consist of a linear display of seasonal art installations depending on the local program for each season. The Museum counts four levels of combinations of sports practices and spectators spaces, creating spaces for human interaction, community, and physical engagement activities with a vision of social media empowerment to involve the local youth with the Museum.

Diagrams - Sketches - Analysis
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North End
Aqua Station Diagram
Diagram abstract
T Station
Conceptual Diagram
Cross Sections
Post Square
Circulation Diagram - Compression of space
BPL courtyard
Abstract Diagram
Concept diagram

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