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Architecture immersed in nature.

Throughout history, architecture has been immersed in the constant social, economic, and urban changes that have caused it to evolve, seeking to adapt to the new needs of human beings and their environment. However, in the era of the Anthropocene or also known as the era of human impact on the earth, it has lost the connection that it should have with nature. Human beings have changed their priorities and have focused on large metropolises seeking to create new spaces to house more population and continue to grow, this has generated that human beings detach from nature or see it as a privilege when it should form part of all architectural projects, not as a visual attraction, but as a fundamental part of the design.

Today having green areas in the city is of the utmost importance, whether in public or private spaces, since it has been proven with different investigations that having green spaces or open-air spaces increases people's well-being. Today, due to what is happening in the world with the pandemic, people have had to shelter in their homes to ensure their health, however, we have realized that we lack contact with nature.

Human beings have changed nature for other elements, such as getting home close to work, being in prestigious areas of the city, or simply having various services. These factors have led to the creation of spaces that do not necessarily provide comfort and well-being to users and these problems have come to the fore as people have had to spend more time at home than they used to, this has made them realize that the need for human beings to be close to nature since it is scientifically proven that natural spaces not only provide well-being but also help humans to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and have therapeutic powers.

This leads us to rethink our priorities as human beings, that this experience helps us to value nature and the importance it has in our lives and all the benefits it brings us, it is time to stop seeing it as a privilege or ornament, We must begin to see nature as a fundamental part of architectural design, it is time to reconnect with the environment, it is time to generate changes in our lives and return to the origin because what nature offers us we cannot replicate.

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