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How Architecture Can Connect Us

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

All architects around the world have the duty to design spaces that fulfill a function of interaction with users, being a transition space, learning, rest, or even a development.

In order to make a design that connects us with the community, we have to follow certain steps:

1. Study the local Culture.

I believe that to understand the needs of the inhabitants, there must be a process of research on how the social, historical or political context of the place is. In such a way we can consider specific functions that create a relationship with the people.

source: Michigan Science Center

2. Analyze the Results.

When you have an answer of how the context of the place works, we have to make a concerted effort to see how this can influence the architectural program, and take into account details that generate an interaction and a natural attraction, so that users can appreciate the details and make use of it with space functionally.

3. Implement Solutions.

When we have a clear vision, we must see if our alteration of the space can cause consequences, and in this way we can implement real solutions, and do not deal with problems for a limited time, but truly solve with activities or spaces that make our alteration not to damage the actual context, but benefit the space, and its inhabitants.

4. Never forget the main function.

When you have a mountain of information and things to consider as a good investigation, do not forget that your design has a function or main need that must be met, therefore at the time of designing based on the function, we can consider factors that Make our design something integral and inclusive for the users.

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